Week in a Peek

Ms. Cindy, Ms. Heather, Ms. Cathy


We have been exploring bookmaking this week and it has been amazing! We are reading Elephant and Piggie books and talking about different features in those books and using them in our own bookmaking. Some of the children have started using speech bubbles in their books to show what characters are saying. I've been taking lots of pictures of the students books, and recording their progress! When your child brings a book home, ask them to read it to you. We have also been talking a lot about the sounds we hear in words, and many of the children have made amazing leaps with writing words on their own!

Alphabet Focus

Going along with our book making, we've been focusing on letter identification and letter sounds. Last week we made alphabet soup! The children got to practice safety rules while peeling and cutting potatoes and carrots. When we ate the soup, we looked for letters we knew... everybody was excited when they found "their" letter!