Fat Solubles Vitimins.

( A, D, E, and K. )

VITAMINS A! ( Dairy )

What it helps with?

  • ;helps eyesight.
  • ;keeps skin healthy.
  • ;helps with growth of body organs.
  • Foods that have Vitamin A?
  • ;liver, fish, milk, butter, eggs, carrots.
  • VITAMINS D! ( Forttified dairy products )

    What it helps with?

    ;helps bones grow strong.

    Foods that have Vitamin D?

    ;egg yolks, liver, butter, milk.

    VITAMIN E. ( nuts and seeds )

    What it does:

    ;protects lungs against pollution damage

    ;helps keep the heart healthy.

    ;protect against cancer.

    Foods that have vitamin E:

    ;weet potatoes, peanut butter, sunflower seeds, spinach, nuts.

    VITAMINS K. ( Green leaf vegtables )

    What it does?

    ;helps make blood clots.

    ;helps keep bones healthy.

    Foods that have vitamin K?

    ;cabbage, lettuce, spinach, milk, meat, eggs

    What Can Happen If You Take In Too Many.

    Large amounts can hurt you.

    If you take in more fat solubles then they are stored in the liver.