Banned Books

Captain Underpants

Captain Underpants by Dav Pilkey on the top of the 2012 most BANNED book list.

A beloved book that i enjoyed reading as a child is now at the top of most banned books. The book is purely made for fun and humor. It is interactive in ways. It has pages where you can flip and it looks like it is showing the cartoon animation in front of you. The book is mainly about two friends who like to like to hangout and prank people together. They created a super hero named Captain Underpants.

Reasons why Book Was Banned

Offensive Language "that old guy" and "mean old Mr. Krump" (Pamela Engel)

partial nudity "covers himself with a barrel" (Pamela Engel)

Misbehavior "play several pranks at the school" (Pamela Engle)


This book getting banned makes no sense in this modern age. Kids watch cartoons that are more violent and use much worse language that this book. the banning of this book make no sense in the thought of the most offensive language is "old man" and "mean old Mr. Krump"(Pamela Engel). There are worse things in the world that parents let their children be exposed to. There is no real good reason for this book to be banned.