George Washingtons Socks

A good book. The american revolution, and a kid club.

Some details about the book

This book is based on the American revolution. Matt, Q, Hooter, Tony, and Katie, had a club. They decided to secretly go on a hike and they went back in time when George Washington was alive. There was the Trenton war and everything. Katie got lost 2 times on the hike, and also they crossed the Delaware.

The definitions


  • Matt- smart, leader
  • Q- nice
  • Hooter-the owl of the group
  • Tony-ideas
  • Katie-little, in peoples buisness
  • Grandpa-story teller
  • Tony's parents-watching
  • Matt's parents-caring
  • Israel- good friend
  • George Washington-the leader of the continental group
  • Emit Levart- time travel dude

By: Jordan Seelye

Thank you for reading my presentation