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Muscles and their Functions

What is this about?

This article is about the human body and its functions. I am going to tell you all about the body and how it works every day. The body is a amazing creation, we all know this, yet not many people know what it is composed of and I am here to let you know.

Scarring of the Tissue

The formation of a scar pulls the edges of the skin together, this causes the area of the skin to be tight. The decrease In the size of the skin can effect the joints, muscles, and tendons which causes a decrease in movement. Skin grafts are done after the scar tissue is removed. Scarring is the result of a body system that learned to respond to a wound very quickly. Scars are areas of fibrous tissue that replace normal skin after a injury. A scratch effects the epithelial tissue, Scars cover up the damaged tissues.

Is there a way to quicken the healing process of a scar?

Of course! Certain scar reducing creams work wonders. Dermefface FX7 scar reduction cream works by making sure the skin produces the right amount of collagen so that the scratch heals up without any noticeable mark left behind. If you apply the cream as directed it will help regenerate skin cells and replace any existing scarred cells. Using this cream increases the speed of the healing process.
How To Use Anti Scar Cream

"The tissue of every day and hour"

A tissue is a group of similar cells from the same place that together carry out a specific function. The author refers to life and living as the "Tissue of Every day" Because every day, all day, every minute of the day, The tissues in our body are constantly working to our benefit. They are always protecting us and improving our bodies to their full ability.