Friday Review

Friday, November 30, 2018

From Mrs. Lewis...

  • Please make sure that you have a copy of your Aesop login at home so you can request a substitute when out. If you have misplaced the information please see Audrey.
  • Below you will find a Link to sign up for a Winter Sports duty. We ask that you sign up for one game duty every season. Please sign up by December 1, 2018; anyone not signed up by that date will be assigned a date. Let Mr. Dunham know if you have any questions or a problem with the document.

  • If you need a couple of extra chargers in your classroom, please contact Ms. Harris. She will assign up to two per teacher to be used by students who might forget theirs. You will be responsible to return these at the end of the school year.
  • Project Christmas Cheer is on the way! Please read the attached letter.
  • *The Attendance Intervention lunch groups will be meeting with Mrs. Fehlman on Wednesdays during their lunch period. (List here.)

    *Students will be provided with passes.

    *A sign-in sheet will be available to keep track of students' time.

  • Each week, admin are looking for specific things in your classroom. Information is coming to a board near you to notify you of details and to provide shout outs for those of you who are rocking it out!
  • If you have not already signed up, click on the link to enjoy our SHMS Christmas Party together at Kickback Jacks in Southern Pines.
  • Department Chair Meeting - Thursday, December 5th in the Conference Room 3:45pm. Bring last meeting minutes.
  • PLEASE BE REMINDED THAT STUDENTS SHOULD BE SUPERVISED AT ALL TIMES. Please do not allow students to sit outside your door to work without adult supervision or be left alone while an adult leaves. Call the receiving teacher when a child is being bounced to make sure the students arrives to the intended destination. the classroom without someone else providing supervision.
  • Students should not be allowed to leave the classroom without a hallpass lanyard.
  • Common Assessment Data is due next week (December 5) Ms. E. Johnson will send details.
  • Friday, December 7th, will be an AM PD day. Please report at your normal time. Certified Classroom Staff and EC teachers will report to the Media Center at 8:00. Elective Teachers will meet in the art room. Bring a charged device. For staff with students, please make arrangements for your children, since elementary/high students will not report to school until 11am and middle 12pm. A schedule will be provided. in the art room. Bring a charged device and your positive pants. : )
  • Faculty Meeting on Monday, Dec. 3rd. Bring a charged device. Be sure to sign up using this link for the session of your choice. A copy of the session descriptions is attached at the top.
  • If you’re still having trouble printing, make sure you have uninstalled the old network connection for your printer. Then install the new one per Ms. Harris’ email directions. If you still have trouble, contact her.

This Week

  • December 3 - Staff Meeting

  • December 3 - Girls Basketball Jamboree AWAY

  • December 4- CLUBS (12/4 Spartan News)
  • December 5- Boys Basketball Jamboree @ Home
  • December 5- Wrestling @ Richmond
  • December 5- PBIS Celebration / Talent Show

  • December 6- TLC

  • December 7 - ½ day Professional Development AM - ½ day for students PM

Looking Ahead

  • December 11- Progress Reports Go Home
  • December 11 - Band Concert for 7/8 Grade 6:30pm (Show your support! Come out and enjoy our students' talent.)
  • December 12 - Dental Van Visit
  • December 12- Wacky Wednesday
  • December 12- Basketball @ Anson
  • December 12 - Wrestling @ Anson
  • December 13 - Clubs Day
  • December 13 - Chorus Concert 6:30 pm (Hear our students sing! Spartans show your support.)
  • December 14- TLC
  • December 14 - Staff Christmas Party
  • December 17 - SIT Meeting

  • December 17 - Basketball vs. Cordova @ HOME

  • December 18 - Chocolate Sales Celebration (Game Truck & Pizza Party)
  • December 18 - Clubs Day
  • December 18- Wrestling @ Carver
  • December 19 - PBIS Celebration (Karaoke Party)
  • December 19- ½ Day for Students

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