Varsity Cheerleading Update

Jefferson Junior High School

It's Almost Competition Time!

Okay - first the bad news. Your coach is stranded out of the country with a cancelled flight home. I don't know what that means for practices this week... as supervision will be an issue. I know we have a clinic on Tuesday at Eisenhower that we have buses for (Mrs. Piento said she would supervise you guys, but I am waiting to hear back from Mr. Warnke) and I know we have a game on Wednesday for the boys at home after school (and I had arranged for us to be able to use the mats with the DGN varsity team from 5:30-6:30 if you guys wanted... which it seemed like you did). We have a Jefferson gym for practice on Thursday, and I am hoping to be home by then, but it is hard to tell. I need to figure out how all of these different pieces will come together and who will be supervising you all when, until I can get back. I am trying to get home as soon as I can, but we are all really going to have to pull together here.

Now for the good news. I believe in each of you, and I believe in us as a team... we will find a way to make this work and come together as a TEAM. You have put in so much time and hard work, and now is the time to pull together and show our strength and teamwork. I do have some information I can share with all of you. I have been in contact with our team moms, some other teachers who said they'd step in and help supervise you if needed, our athletic director, and Taylor DeYoung from U of I. When I have more details about what this week's practice schedule will look like, I'll send out a reminder through Remind101 to let you all know. I don't have phone service out of the country, but I do have Wi-Fi at the hotel... so I can receive only iMessages and e-mails. I also wanted to share some competition details about this weekend until we figure this week out.

We will leave Jefferson at 12:00pm (taking a half-day) so we can make it to Peoria in time to check-in and get ready for our practice time slot on the mats in front of technical judges. Our team moms, Mrs. Rozema and Mrs. Baran, have been working on trying to figure out carpools to make sure the girls all have rides down there. Thank you to Mrs. McKendree, Mrs. Bouma, Mrs. Sprague, Mrs. Rozema, Mrs. Weber, and Mrs. Clark for all volunteering to help drive the girls down there. We will meet in the parking lot at the back near the soccer/softball fields. Jefferson is going to pay for hotel rooms for the team members at state. We will be staying at the Peoria Pere Marquette Marriott, which is right across the street from the Civic Center (where the competition takes place). The rooms are all reserved under my last name for now. Each room will consist of four girls... and you will be rooming with your stunt group (no exceptions). It will be good bonding for the four/five of you. The rooms are all in a row, and my room is next to all of you. Once we get checked in, we will meet in the lobby (I will send out a remind101 with the time, for a quick review). We have a practice time slot at the civic center, which can be found here:

After practice on the mats in front of the technical judges at 6:30, we'll make any necessary changes and head out for a team dinner around 7. Please bring cash with you for this team dinner. Parents and family members are welcome to join us, as well. Then, we will head back to the room, and make sure everyone gets to bed at a decent time, with freshly washed and straightened hair, to make things easier in the morning.

Your coach will wake up early to head to a final meeting before competition. We are cheering in session 2 (not the AM session). We will meet in the morning to have breakfast (times TBA) and then have last minute run-throughs. We will also do competition makeup and hair together with poofs and high ponytails... bring your own bobby pins if you'd like. Our team needs to report by 11:45 and we'll be on Warm Up Mat B. We have the full mat at 12:07 and perform at 12:27.

We are all signed up for the PM session at IESA State Cheerleading Competition on Saturday, January 11th. We are competing under "medium sized routine". The order for our competition is posted here:

  • Dates: Jan. 11, 2014, 2014
  • Start Time: 9:00 AM
  • Admission: $8.00 (Adult/H.S.), $4.00 (Sr. Citizens/K-8)
  • Parking: $7.00 at the Civic Center (meter parking is free on weekends if you can find it!)

T-Shirts, etc. (Totally Optional)
T-shirts and other apparel will be available for purchase at the Civic Center the day of the competition. SCHOOLS ARE ENCOURAGED TO USE THE ONLINE PRE-ORDER FORM found on the Cubby Hole website. The forms must be turned in by this Tuesday at 9 A.M. The Cubby Hole will be set up in Exhibit Hall A for all pre-order pickups as well as individual purchases.

Also available on the Cubby Hole website are the designs for the pre-ordered merchandise.