Parents Wanted

The most rewarding job in the world!

Job Description:

Suggested Skills:

-be able to discipline

-be patient

-have a sense of humor

-be loving

-be selfless


24 hours, 7 days a week


MUST: feed it, love it, give it their time, provide shelter to it, and educate it

Responsible for: child's safety and happiness

Promotion Options

As the child grows up, it will be less dependent on you and you will have more time for yourself. Also it will be harder to raise as it becomes a more complex person.

Previous Experience Necessary?

No experience necessary, you can learn as you go.

Wages and Compensation

No money, but unconditional love from your child.

This is determined by how much love and time you give to them.


-Being proud of your child

-Having many enjoyable memories with your child

-Having someone who loves you unconditionally