For only $5.00 per word starting with IR!!!

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a plant

About the prefix IR:

Use in a sentence when needed. The prefix IR means 'not' or 'the opposite of'. It looks irrevocably like an Iris flower. It also looks like an Irrelevant question, and will help you with all of your IR word needs. If you decide to buy IR you will be very happy. Any word that you order you can get a special baby-proof one, that costs the same as a regular one. To tell it is a baby proof word, it will come with a special toy for your kids.

Who it's for, and the payment options and price:

The Prefix IR is for people 13 and older. If you want to buy a prefix, we do not take checks, or credit cards, we take cash, and you can pay either up front, or half when you buy it, and the rest after you get it. The price is $5.00 per word with the PREFIX IR, plus $2.65 Shipping, handling, and processing.

This prefix is guaranteed to be amazing!!! We're so confident it will always work, if it breaks or doesn't work, we'll pay you back and give you a new one for FREE!!!

Frequently asked Trivia questions:

Q. What IR words do you recommend?
A. We recommend Iridescent (having colors like a rainbow) or Iris (a bluish flower).
Q. What are some good IR words for annoyed?
A. Either Irritable (susceptible of irritation) or irritate (to annoy)
Q. I just got the word 'Ireland', the baby proof one, and my 5 year-old-son keeps messing with it, even though I lock it up when I'm not using it. What do you think I did wrong?
A. You might have not gotten the right one by accident, all you need to do is call again and tell them what happened.