Ancient Egyptian Education

By: Emory Vodry

Education in Ancient Egypt

This site has a lot to do with girls education and how parents are involved with their child's education. This paper will show you the adventures of education

How parents were apart of their children's education

1. Mothers were rarely ever apart of their children's education.

2. Fathers were in charge of heir son's education.

3. If a father's son became a priest, the father too would become a priest.

4. If the father did not have a son, the family would most likely adopt one for his education.

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Ancient Egyptians education impact on todays life

If Ancient Egypt schools did not invent reeds, pallets, pencil boxes, etc, we would not have had the idea to make pens, pencils, or even more upgraded pencil boxes. Also, we would possibly not have had the idea to make paper because of them using pallets to work on.

Also, they also had an effect on our learning skills and how we can learn.

Ancient Egyptian School Supplies

Unlike using pens, and pencils like we do today, Ancient Egypt would use reeds (as pens or pencils) and pallets (as their paper). Ancient Egypt, papyrus was far too expensive for schooling.

Future References

We have a lot that could possibly happen in the future with our education. We could have virtual schooling instead of going to school. For example, we could have masks instead of computers or paper. Also, teachers could put in videos on their website for us to learn our school lesson in any of our school session.