Paly Community Update

Friday, March 26, 2021

Message from Principal Kline

Hello Viking Families!

I hope that you and your family are doing well. I have enjoyed meeting some of our students, over the past three weeks, as they begin to return back to campus. As we continue with our 2-day/week model, we have seen a steady increase in the number of students attending in-person learning. We will evaluate our model, based upon the number of students that return after spring break, and possibly make adjustments to accommodate additional in-person days for those students that would like to attend more often.

AP Testing Update

Since our most recent announcement, regarding our proposed AP testing schedule, we have received updated guidance that could potentially allow us to provide options to our students for taking the AP testing in person. In our effort to accommodate the needs of all of our students at Paly, we are looking at the possibility of providing options for students to take six of the exams either in person or online. The following tests could be offered in person, based upon the number of requests that we receive:

Calc AB, Calc BC, Physics C/Mech (In-person: May 24 or online June 9)

Chem, Physics C/E&M, and Statistics (In-person: May 25 or online June 10)

We have sent out a survey to students enrolled in these AP classes, asking for a preference of either in-person or online testing for these six AP tests. This survey must be completed by Tuesday, March 30, 2021 by 6:00 pm.

We will then determine the feasibility of providing in-person testing based upon the survey results and our current level of capacity.

Graduation Update

We have recently been given the approval to begin planning for an in-person graduation ceremony for the Paly Class of 2021. The date for the Paly 2021 graduation ceremony will be Wednesday, June 2. This year’s ceremony will be held in the stadium and will be designed to align with the current guidelines and requirements provided by the CDPH and Santa Clara County Health. There will be several details to begin figuring out in the near future, and please look for further information and clarification in upcoming communications.

Update from Athletic Director Nelson Gifford

Hello Vikings!

This has been an amazing month of Viking Sports. Season 1 sports of Girls Golf, Girls Tennis, Cross Country and Swimming comes to a close this week. The outdoor Season 2 sports of Football, Boys and Girls Soccer, and Field hockey are wrapping up week 2 of their six weeks seasons. And to cap it all off, all indoor sports have begun practice with weekly covid testing set to begin this Saturday. Paly Sports has never been busier; and we could not be happier. One Ship//Sko Vikes

Third Quarter Grades Now Posted in Infinite Campus

Paly teachers have been working to enter grades into Infinite Campus for students and families to view by the end of the day on Friday, March 26, 2021. If you have questions about any of the grade marks that your student receives, please contact their teacher directly. For information about the Infinite Campus system, please visit the PAUSD help page.

Upcoming Calendar Reminders

Friday, April 2nd - Minimum Day

  • Collaboration/Prep - 8:30 - 9:35 am

  • Period 5 - 9:40 - 10:45 am

  • Period 6 - 10:55 am - 12:05 pm

  • Period 7 - 12:15 - 1:20 pm

Week of Monday, April 5th - Friday, April 9th - Spring Break

Monday, April 12th

  • At Home/Synchronous Learning (Normal Monday Schedule)

Tuesday, April 13th

  • Asynchronous Day for SATs

Paly Guidance Updates


9th Grade: March is Career Month at Paly. Along with the many opportunities to hear guest speakers talk about their career paths, students are encouraged to think about their personal interests and how that information can point them toward a career. In Advisory on March 17th, Freshmen learned about all the activities for Career Month and began exploring their own possibilities by using a Naviance tool called Career Cluster Finder. As stated in the lesson, “A job is good, a career is great, and calling is awesome!” Take a look at the lesson Here.

Continuing with that theme, the next lesson encouraged students to participate in the Career Speaker Series and hear what the professional had to say about their jobs. Another Naviance tool was then introduced - RoadTrip Nation. Students chose areas of personal interest that are matched to more professionals and their bios. This is a tool that they can use as many times as they wish throughout high school as their interests might change or become more defined. Here are the slides from More Career Month Lessons.

10th Grade: After the kick-off to the Career Speaker Series keynote was attended by all students, the RoadTrip Nation Lesson was also used in a Sophomore Advisory.

11th Grade: We completed all the important Junior Advisories preparing them for their post-Paly Plans last week. The final lesson in the series was an Introduction to the Viking College & Career Guide. This guide is a collection of information about applying to college, writing a resume, how to compute your GPA...the list is really endless. This publication is the place to go for information during Junior and Senior year. It is a must-read for both students and parents - you’ll find you will refer to it again and again. It is available on at

And finally, we hosted our Jr Parent/TA/College Advisor Night Wednesday 3/24. This evening was designed to share with parents all the information your Juniors are learning in Advisory so you can support them through the college application and post-Paly planning process. If you missed the event, you can review the presentation

College & Career Center

College Admission Decisions
If seniors are rethinking their post high school plans, there are some colleges still accepting freshmen applications for Fall 2021. You can do a search on the Common App ( or look at out-of-state public colleges with rolling admission. And, in mid-May, NACAC will publish the "space available" list of colleges still accepting Fall 2021 freshmen applications.

Of course, if seniors are now considering a gap-year or community college, Mrs. Laguna helps with those plans. For more information, see the relevant section on

Remember, seniors can still make an appointment to meet with their College Advisor to talk through college choices and decisions. We offer drop-ins at lunch via Zoom T-F and/or students can schedule an appointment via Calendly.

Financial Aid Awards

If your student filed a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) by the colleges’ deadline, they should have received a Student Aid Report (SAR) via email which contains federal financial aid information. The financial aid offices at each college to which they applied will use the SAR to determine how much and which kinds of financial aid they are eligible to receive. They will try to meet your student’s financial need through a package that combines aid from both federal and state grants with loans, institutional grants and student employment. Following this review, each school will send the student an award letter that explains which types and amounts of aid they are eligible to receive. There is no standard format for these award letters, but most are made up of financial calculations which include the cost of attendance, expected family contribution (EFC) and financial need; use, this tool to help you compare aid awards. The financial awards section will specify the type of aid which is being offered to meet this need.

Students must notify the college whether they plan to accept or decline the financial aid awards. They do not have to accept all aspects of the offer, but if they decline a specific portion it is unlikely that the school will substitute another form of aid. As a rule, the financial aid office has offered as much as possible in grants and scholarships, so do not assume that these awards will be increased should you decline work-study or loans.

If your financial circumstances have changed since the FAFSA was filed, notify the financial aid office. And, if you feel there are special circumstances the college should consider (e.g. parent recently laid off; income from 2020 (or 2021) is very different from 2019 (which was reported in FAFSA), call the financial aid office to inquire; students might have the opportunity to complete a form or submit a letter of explanation for special consideration. This resource from Swift Student can help your student request a financial aid appeal:

Community College Week (STUDENTS ONLY)

Student workshops will take place April 12-16. Students will have the opportunity to learn more about what the Community College system has to offer, the transfer process to four-year colleges, and receive help on how to apply. More information can be found at this link

Career Month

Career Month continues next week with the virtual Job Fair during lunch on Tuesday, the first Career Pathway Panel of Women in STEM Tuesday @4:00pm, and the Career Pathways Fair during lunch on Wednesday because “pathways are designed to connect high school classes to college, industry certifications, and/or a career.” Info about work permits can be found at this link, or contact Rachael Kaci


Catch up on our parent and family education workshops! This month, Paly Wellness partnered with Gunn’s Wellness team to provide two parent ed webinars, and hosted a Paly Wellness Family Night.

  • My Digital Tat2 presented to PAUSD parents on “Raising Digitally Resilient Young People in a Post-Pandemic World.” We discussed the challenges of parenting in a pandemic, and how to support your teen, especially helping them to manage their online usage and presence.

  • The YWCA presented “Consent 101,” all about the myths and facts surrounding consent, talking to your teen about sex and consent, and the role of social media in teens’ relationships and sex lives.

  • Paly Wellness and SafeSpace presented to parents to share youth voices about their experiences during the pandemic, and discuss how families can receive support and resources from the Wellness Center. We also shared tips and information about helping your child manage their stress, preparing for a post-pandemic transition, and tips for your own self care.

Catch up on all the presentations by viewing the slide decks and the recordings linked on our website!

Support for Paly AAPI Community

In the wake of the recent rise in Anti-Asian violence seen nationwide, the Asian American Student Union is gathering feedback from Asian families and students at Paly about how their community, administration, and teachers can best support them. If there is anything you've noticed as an Asian student or parent at Paly that you think could be improved, or if you have any input for teachers, take this opportunity to let your voice be heard by filling out this form.

Summer School Update

This year summer school will be offered in-person for kick-start credit or credit recovery. Session one will be offered June 14 through July 2, and session 2 will be offered July 6th through July 23rd. Students can take one kick-start (general education) course per semester or two credit-recovery classes per session.

Kick-start courses offer students an opportunity during the summer to take both credit or non-credit courses. For-credit courses help students lighten the regular school year course load and to access an in-person instruction opportunity over one or two sessions (total of 10 credits). Living Skills will be offered online both sessions and is only available to rising seniors. Non-credit courses are provided as supplemental courses not typically offered as part of the course catalog. Language immersion courses are offered without credit. No credit or grades will be awarded for the completion of these courses.

Credit-recovery courses offer the opportunity to recover 2 courses per session up (total of 20 credits).

Maximum Graduation Credits Earnable: A student may earn a maximum of 80 units of credit toward graduation in any given school year. This includes summer school and any courses taken off-campus.

High School Credit Recovery

  • The Guidance Counselors will approve and register all Credit Recovery classes.

  • Counselors will register students who are credit deficient. Families do not need to contact counselors.

  • You will be able to take and complete up to four semester's worth of credits (20 total) this summer. Two semesters during Session 1 and two semesters during Session 2. Note: You do not need to participate in both sessions or both classes offered per session, if you do not need to recover that many credits.

  • Please note that school counselors and our Summer School Admin team will reach out to students and families with notifications of enrollment before the end of May 2021. Enrollment in credit recovery classes is determined and prioritized by student credit deficiency and graduation year. If your student needs to re-take a Spring 2021 course, counselors will communicate once spring semester grades are posted and/or the need becomes apparent.

  • Summer Principal, Courtney Carlomagno.

  • For questions regarding enrollment, contact Natalie Skelton.

Kick-start Program

  • Kick-start registration link (open until April 1, 2021).

  • Please note you will not be officially enrolled until you receive an email confirmation. This will not be first come, first served. Your request will be noted by our administrative staff and your enrollment status pending. Enrollment confirmation for Kick start will be sent at the end of April.

  • For those unable to register online paper registration forms for the General Program will be available at the district office, beginning March 12, 2021.

  • Spaces are limited to capacity at Gunn High School and COVID protocols.

  • Summer Co-Principals, Courtney Carlomagno and Kim Lohse.

  • For questions regarding enrollment, contact Natalie Skelton.

Please continue to find updates on the PAUSD website at: