Mrs. Hamblen & Mrs. Whaling's K3

November 9th - 13th

Weekly Highlights:

We learned what a Cornucopia is and what it stands for. It is hard to say, but they're getting it! :)

The kids all did AWESOME with the letter Hh. I think they all know what sound it makes and can all write the uppercase H pretty well. The lower case h was a little more challenging to make.

We talked about healthy foods vs. dessert foods and had fun sorting play food into the two different groups.

In Bible we learned about Joshua and the Israelites marching around the walls of Jericho. On the 7th time, the walls fell down when the people shouted and blew their trumpets. The kids got a kick out of walking around the rug 7 times and then shouting and falling down.

They are doing a good job learning their third catechism too!

A Look At Next Week...

Next week we will learn about the letter Ii.

In Bible, we will learn the story of Hannah and Samuel (I Samuel 1-3).

We will also talk about Pilgrims and Native Americans.

Have a great weekend!