Panther Journal

Norfolk Joiner High

By Autumn Gubbels



by: Autumn Gubbels

A horse has the basic colors of chestnut, bay, black, and brown. Horses eat plants, chaff, apples, carrots,bran, barley, linseed, maize, horse nuts or mixes, cod liver oil, root vegetables, oats ,salt, seaweed, dried sugar, beet pulp, and mollichop. A horses hoof is made of matted down hair like your fingernail. When horses have bits in there mouths it is to make them obey us. When we use bits it is so that we are the ones who guide the animals. A bit can leave perminant damage to the horses mouth. The old horseshoes were made of metal. Today horseshoes are made of synthetic material. Horseshoes protect horses feet. Horseshoes are held to the hoof by nails or glue. Horseshoes don't hurt the horse. If the shoe is nailed on it is nailed to the outter layer of the hoof. A horses coat can become shiney by brushing it. There coat can also become shiny by rubbing it with a cloth. You don't need supplements for a horses shiney coat

Pacific Rim Movie Review

Pacific Rim Story Review

by: Autumn Gubbels

Pacific Rim is a pg-13 movie.This movie is a SCI-FI movie. Some actors and actresses are

Actor/ Actresses Character

Charlie Hunnan asRaleigh Becket

Diego Klattenhoff=Yancy Becket

Rinko Kikuchi=Mako Mori

Charlie Day=Dr. Newton Geiszler

Burn Gorman=Gottlieb

Max Martini=Herc Hansen

Robert Kazinsky=Chuck Hansen

Idris Elba=Stacker Pentecost


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Nursery Rhyme

Nursery Rhyme News :

Investigating Cinderella

by: Autumn Gubbels

We are talking to Cinderella and here is her story. She says, “I wanted to go to the royal ball that was advertised in the news paper. It sounded like so much fun. I knew that my dad would listen to my step mother who thought I was too ugly to go and would not approve of me going. My father will believe her any day and my mom is decided. Even though my step sisters were my step mother’s kids she made my father buy them really expensive dresses. My dad is only a farmer and could not afford the dresses. My step mom does not work so all the money comes from my father.

When I made a dress my step sisters ripped it to shredes I had to buy all the silk fabric to make it. While I was cleaning the floors a fairy goblin jumped out and said boo. I then screamed. Then he made me a dress and took 7 leaves and 6 became horses and 1 became a coach. I went to the ball and had to leave at 12:00 because the magic would wear off. I lost the glass slipper and they found her.” They got married and lived happily ever after.

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40 years later

By: Autumn Gubbels

This is Autumn Gubbels autobiography. She is young, pretty,and has glasses but this is 2013 and is only 12. In 40 years Autumn will still have glasses and be pretty but not so young. She attended high school in Norfolk, NE. In High school she participated in volleyball,orchestra,and swim team. She went to Nebraska University for a teaching degree. Her first job was to decorate a cake for her little brothers 6th birthday. She got married and had kids. Autumn lives in her new house in Norfolk, NE. Her career for the last ten years has been owning her own cake shop and she decorates cakes for a living. Her hobbies are gardening and cross stitching. Autumn’s plans for the future are to continue with her cake decorating career.

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My Favorite App is Pic Collage

On Pic Collage you can Remix photos. Remixing Photos means that you can load a photo and add as much stuff as you wish or as much as it will allow you to.You can also make collages from scratch. First you add photos that are on the internet or on your camera roll. Then you pick a layout. You can choose the background to what they have or search for one.Then if you want you can add text and/or stickers. Then you have a master piece, enjoy your pic collage.

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Arguments: No homework Anymore By: Autumn Gubbels

I strongly believe that us as children who go to school should not have homework because then if we are in sports we most likely will have trouble getting it all done. Some teachers think that we don't get enough sleep and I think that it is because, like I said, of too much homework on days we have sports games especially. We also go to school for 7 hours a day and no outside time in junior high and up so days can get really long when you sit in chairs all day. Some children just don’t even do the assignments. When they get home they may just put it on the counter and just tell their parents that they don't have homework. We also put in a lot of work at school and should not have to take any home. That is my debate on why we should not get homework.

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Scary Sortie

How A Man Was Made

By:Autumn Gubbels

It was a dark and stormy night and a mad scientist named Bob was hard at work. No other person was there but him. All of a sudden the scientist has a heart attack.He falls with a deadly thud. A scientist the next day walks into the lab.Then she sees it, the dead, cold body. Then the scientist goes and gets help. The police show up and take the body.

In the scientist's will he said to take his brain and freeze it for later. Only one other scientist he worked with had the key and knew what he wanted it used for. This scientist was only 20 years old and her name was Laffy Taffy. 20 years later, Laffy Taffy, found this institute for crazy people and there was this not so smart 20 year old who wanted to be smart.

So, Laffy Taffy, switched the brains of Bob and this boy whose name was Billy. After the procedure Billy was as smart as Bob was. Then Laffy Taffy cut up Billys brain for an experiment. She opened the heads of 5 rabbits and put some of the brain of Billy’s in there. Then the rabbits went crazy and started to try to kill Laffy Taffy, but right before the knife pierced her heart she woke up. It was just a dream, and on her bed side table was the key. So she went to see if Bob was ok but he was dead. Was it a dream or was this just the beginning?

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