School Counseling News

Week of September 15

Classroom Lessons


8 - 10:30 (Cissel, Hill, Psarianos, S. Jones & Peterson)

12:30 - 2 (Sanders, Branch & Ghent)


8 - 10:30 (Wright, Miller, Beckham, Maurer & Black)

1:30 - 2 (Motes)

Final Sign-offs on Safety

Please ensure you view the Safety folder shared with you Friday and have viewed all items in this folder. Please sign off on the two remaining sheets in the office ASAP. You will then have signed 6 sheets total.

Please be aware of this following info: The Critical Incidents Black Boxes are located in the Main Office & the Media Center. Please make sure you know these locations. They are both clearly labeled.

As always, see me if you have any questions.