Classroom Expectations

1. BE ON TIME! If you are not in the room before the scheduled class time, you are tardy. You must have a pass from another teacher or the office to be excused. After 3 tardies an hour of detention will be assigned. They do not start over at the end of the quarter in my class FYI.

2. Bring all materials with you. You will always need your textbook, workbook, notebook, folder and a writing utensil. I have pens/pencils for you to borrow, but you owe me collateral. Leave me a wallet, shoe etc. and you may use one:)

3. Passes. You should have time to use the restroom during passing time. You will only be allowed to leave for emergencies. Please take the hall pass with you. They are hanging by the door.

4. Be ready to work. Please use attendance time to get yourself organized and ready to start.

5. Be respectful. No obscene language or behavior will be tolerated. Detentions will be given. Remember you get the respect that you earn.

6. Try to use as much Spanish as possible in class. You will be receiving daily points which include your use of Spanish during class.

7. Do all homework on time! You are responsible for getting homework/notes for any days you miss. You will find a calendar with notes/assignments/due dates etc. has been attached to your schoology page for this course. I will take all assignments until Friday each week and still give you points. If they are not turned in by Friday you will get a 0 and cannot make them up. If the assignments were due Friday, I will take them on Monday. Please don't copy, it won't help you learn. Anyone caught cheating will get a 0 including the person you copied from.

8. No phones. When you come into the room please put all phones/ipads in the cubbies. If we need them for class I will let you get them. When we are all done for the day I will let you get them.

9. No gum/food or pop. School policy. Water is ok.

10. Please help yourself to the lotion, sanitizer, kleenex, stapler etc. on the top of my desk. If you need anything else please ask. The rest of my desk is OFF LIMITS!