Space Suits

By Mya S

Space Suits

Did you know that space suits have 17 parts? I'm only going to focus on explaining a few of them to you.
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Space Suit With the Backpack Open.

Parts of the Space Suit

The few parts of the space suit that I will be sharing information about are the Cuffs and the Wrists. Did you know that all the writing on space module is backwards? All the writing is backwards because the astronauts can't see the writing with their helmets on. Because of this fact all the writing is backwards and so the astronauts have to wear little mirrors on their wrists so they can read thee commands.

The Cuffs of the space suit are so that the astronauts can they can have a list of things that they need to do. It is just like a little " To Do" list on their sleeve.

Wearing space suit no easy task

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