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March 29: View Open Windows and Apps, OR Take a Screenshot on a Chromebook

Above the number 6 key on your Chromebook, there is a key that looks like the image to the right. This is called the switcher key. You can use this key to show thumbnail versions of all open windows/tabs and apps. This is a helpful button to use to move back and forth quickly between multiple windows and apps. It's also not a bad way to see what students have open on their Chromebook (for those students who might be "multitasking" in your class). The button also serves another function in that you can use it to take screenshots on your Chromebook. See below for instructions.


  • To take a screenshot of the whole screen: Press CTRL + the switcher key
  • To take a screenshot of part of the screen: Press CTRL + Shift + the switcher key, then use your cursor to draw a box around what you want to copy
  • Screenshots are saved to your Downloads folder, or you can view them by clicking the notification that appears after taking a screenshot.

  • To see all open windows and move back and forth between them quickly, simply press the switcher key
Chromebooks - How to Take a Screenshot