The Road to Perserverance

By James Foster


Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of the hard work you already did. -Newt Gingrich. Perseverance is never giving up and having resilience. Never letting anything or anyone get in the way of you achieving your dreams.

Typewriter Miracles

Did you know that it is possible to create amazing drawings with only a typewriter? Paul Smith is a gut who lives in a retirement home. He has a disease that limits his movement so he can't even hold a pen or pencil. But he still manages to create amazing artwork with a typewriter. Doctors thought this was impossible. Paul never bragged about his talent because he was very noble. He also never wanted to put his art in a museum. He just kept it in the retirement home to inspire many.

Two Brothers and a Motivator

Leroy and Dartanyon are two boys that are both disabled. Leroy has no legs and he wrestles. Dartanyon can't see and he does judo. They both had no hope until Lisa came by. She started to help the two boys a lot. Because of her, Dartanyon triumphed and won the bronze medal in the Paralympics. Leroy got to go to college. Leroy also had a wife and a child. Lisa made the boys feel like they weren't useless. She gave them hope for their future.

Nepal Disaster

Everything and everybody was fine in Nepal until a big problem came across them. A huge earthquake was about to hit and nobody knew. But when it hit, everyone was shocked. It was the biggest earthquake in a long time. It caused lots of damage and lots of people were hurt. But the people had plans that everyone adhered to. First they started to help the hurt people and take them to hospitals. The people also had backpacks with extra supplies. Some people left the city to live a better life. Others stayed behind to rebuild the city years later. During this time, everyone helped each other out and worked hard through the challenges.

The Life of a Rose

1. Rose's family went to America from Ireland to live with their uncle but the baby and the dad had to go back.

2. The uncle's family was very rude to them and they called them names.

3.Rose found work at a flower making place but the manager didn't pay Rose what she deserved.

4. She then went late at night to collect the money and the manger tried to kiss Rose and she ran away.

5. Rose and her sister Maurine decided to venture throughout America and they were left alone while their mother went back home.

6. They then had to find a home and get a job. Also Maurine had to go to school.

What can We Learn

Perseverance is great thing. There are many examples of it in our world today and there are lots of examples from the past. From these examples we can learn to always fight for what you love and to never let anything get in your way. Everyone wants to be successful so never give up.
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