Diante Newbill


airfare cost and schedule

DEN 8:52a MIA 5:22p 6h 30m 1 stop (ORD)

MIA 11:31a DEN 5:07p 7h 36m 1 stop (IAH) Cost per ticket;$ 1712

total;$ 3423.00 United Airlines First class



I'm going to stay at the Viceory Miami.

It cost $260 to stay for each night.

This hotel has great ratings on everything.

There is a great pool that got a 95% rating.


I'm going to the swimming pools that is Free with purchase of room.

Also there is a great massage room that will be great to check out.There is also a great dinner place at the hotel.

Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

1.) The biggest problem is trying to find your flight or anywhere in the airport. When we were in the airport we tried to find the right flight. We looked around every where but the signs we see don't make senes. So I ask for help but only crowds of people rushing and talking loud so I take a quick breath and see a worker. I go over to him and say do you know where this flight is he points to a sign that says (DEN) leaving to (MIA) and now the day is saved.



I chose this flight because I've always wanted to fly to Miami. To see how it is out there but geting there was hard. We had to find prices which wasn't easy or trying to find the flight that we were supposed to go on. After we found the flight we had to arrive at the hotel that was reserved for us. When we went in the hotel the lobby was spectacular but our rooms were amazing. we could order room service and the beds were soft and fluffy so when we slept. It was awesome.