Smith Middle School Library Review

March - April 2013

Maureen Johnson Author Event

Maureen Johnson visited the Smith Middle School Library, courtesy of Flyleaf Books, to promote her new book The Madness Underneath, part of the Shades of London series.

Wonder what it's about? Read the booktalk Ms. Sapkarov wrote for the first book in the series, The Name of the Star:

The year is 1888. Murder is in the air. Jack the Ripper has arrived, and he's sweeping through the East End of London as one of the world's first serial killers. Fast forward to the present day when we meet our main character Rory - a Louisiana teenager transplanted to London to finish off her senior year at a posh boarding school. What do the two have in common? Well, just as Rory moves into her new school, London is in an uproar over a copycat murder - Jack the Ripper is back. From the location of the crime to the type of victim to the brutal method of killing, there's no doubt that the Ripper is back for more blood. But even though there are cameras all over London, no one has caught a glimpse of the murderer. No one except Rory. As she was sneaking back into her dorm with a friend late one night, a man dressed in grey walked past and spoke to her. But her friend didn't see him. And she didn't hear him. Only Rory did. Can the police stop the Ripper before he kills again? Will Rory be safe now that the Ripper knows who she is and what she can do? Read The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson to find out. Part mystery, part thriller, this book blends genres and introduces a supernatural element which weaves the rest of the Shades of London series together. If you like suspense, England, boarding school stories, or a bit of a murder mystery, check out this book.

Smith gets 3rd place in the District Battle of the Books competition

Battle of the Books 2012-13

Spring Reading Challenge

Spring Reading Challenge
The Spring Reading Challenge was a way to get students reading out of their comfort zones and to get them reading MORE! With 20 different challenges, students were asked to expand their reading horizons and read more intentionally. Though completely optional, over 30 students officially joined in the challenge and many others participated in secret. :)

8th grade students perform at the Poetry Cafe hosted in the Library

Poetry Cafe