The Lovett School Green Roof

By Harper Fosgate

The Green Roof Saves Energy!

A green roof can save energy because of the multi-layer roofing systems that insulate the school! The insulation cools the school and keeps heat from getting in. This saves Lovett money and energy!

Link for Interactive Graph:

Graph Analysis

The graph (shown below) is comparing the energy costs of The Lovett School and The Westminster Schools. Since the green roof at Lovett insulates the school, It would make an impact on the schools energy costs per year. So this graph compares Lovett's energy costs to Westminster's energy costs because Lovett has a green roof and Westminster doesn't. Below it is graphed over 5 years. Lovett is the blue line and Westminster is the green line. On the X axis is the year, and the Y axis is the cost in $.
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Some Benefits of the Green Roof are...


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