Newsletter 2, 2020 - Term 2, Week 10

FEES TERM 3 - first 2 days a week free

Days Available: Mon, Wed, Thu & Fri

We have limited spaces on a Monday, Tuesday (Kook only), Wednesday, Thursday and a lot of spaces on a Friday in the Kookaburra and Koala Room. If you would like your child to attend another day please let us know. If you know of any families who are looking for a preschool position please let them know to contact us.

Important Dates

Term 2

Friday 3 July - Last Day of Term 2

Term 3

Monday 20 July - First Day of Term 3

Monday 10 August till Friday 14 August - Photo Week

Friday 25 September - Last Day of Term 3

Director's Message

Wow I can't believe the term is nearly over! Its been a bit of a roller-coaster ride these past few months but looks like it's all about the end and we can jump off and head back to our normal lifestyles.

I just wanted to firstly thank all our families. Each and every one of you have enabled this transition into creating a saver and cleaner preschool about easier. You have all understood why, helped out where possible and followed all our instructions. This has made keeping our preschool clean even easier!

We are going to continue to finish the term off the same way we are currently doing it but asking families to still not come into the rooms and also if your child or you are sick to please not come. We will re-evaluate in the school holidays to see how term 3 will go.

In relation to fees for term 3 at this stage it is still with the management committee as we work out our figures and finances (as we didn't not receive Department funding to cover the cost of free fees). As soon as we have an answer I will pass it straight on.

On another note I would like to thank the families who participated in our online face book group. I would love to know if you would like me to keep it open or close it down? The purpose was to provide online learning however with all our friends back now getting face to face teaching the online learning isn't a requirement any more.

I've had nothing but positive feedback from families about the packs we sent home to everyone. This was just something to keep the love of learning there and also to send something special to the children because who doesn't love a present in the mail!

I also wanted to take the opportunity to congratulate Clair on her pregnancy. Clair will be working next term and from term 4 I will be working full time to replace Clair until she returns. If anything chances I will let you know.

As some of you are aware we had planned to get our mud kitchen upgrade this term however due to measures out of our control things have been put on hold. We hope to still get it completed next term! If you have any ideas on what you would like to see please let us know.

You may have noticed as well that we haven't been to the creek in awhile. I wanted to let you know that this is still on hold until we get the all clear from the Department that excursions are allowed as we have to leave the premises they deem it as an excursion. We all can't wait to get back over there!

Finally, a big welcome to Cat who has joined our team on a more ongoing role. Cat will be working in both rooms in our 10-2 position. It is wonderful to have her smiling face in our Preschool everyday!



Spotlight - Term 2

Staying Connected

During Term 1 and the beginning of Term 2 many of our preschool families were not attending due to the health risk of COVID-19. It was incredibly sad for all our teachers to not be able to teach and see all our wonderful children and they were very much missed.

We know it would have been a hard time for our families and children as there was such a big change in many aspects of life. We are sure that the children would have been missing their friends, teachers and all the fun things they do at preschool and perhaps feeling a little confused as to why their routines had changed so much .

As a team we thought about this and about how our children and families would be feeling and knew we needed to find a way to stay connected as a community. We decided to make a private Facebook page where we could share photos, videos and communicate with our children and families. This allowed the children opportunities to express themselves and feel a sense of belonging to the preschool community and of course ensured preschool was not forgotten! Some of the things they shared on the page were from the activity/craft packs we had been sending home weekly to keep them busy! While others shared fun things they got up to with their parents and siblings. Our educators also shared some videos and photos of creative things to do whilst at home and shared videos of reading stories verbally and in sign language (Auslan).

We loved being able to still see and communicate all of our children and families during such a scary time and would love to keep communicating via this page to keep preschool connected with the outer community, home life and interests of children. We would love for you to join the page and contribute to our sense community!

To join search Jesmond Community Preschool Parent Resource Page and your request will be approved by admin. The link is below, if you are viewing this electronically just press on it and it will take you to the group.

Focus on Reconciliation

Reconciliation week was celebrated and the preschool RAP (Reconciliation Action plan) was implement along with teachers taking part in the Deadly Teachers strong Jarjums program.

“When we come together to build mutual respect and understanding, we shape a better future for all Australians.”- Chief Executive Officer, Karen Mundine

In Reconciliation week we have been exploring the story called Why I love Austrlia by Bronwyn Bancroft. The story sparked not only conversations about the illustrations but also inspired our friends to draw their interpretation of different elements of Australia. This has lead the learning and now the friends have been sharing what they love about Australia. When we simply provide the provocation to the children they are able to guide their own learning.

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Goodbye to Michelle - We will miss you!

We have said goodbye to our amazing teacher Michelle as she takes her next adventure in her career.

Michelle has been a supportive, caring, thoughtful and beyond helpful teacher to not only the many children she has taught but to our families and staff. Her world of knowledge is beyond what anyone could imagine. She always puts others first and continuously put the imaginations, heart and sole of each child as her purpose.

She will be extremely missed but we know that the next step in your career is going to give so many educators the knowledge that we were so lucky to get.

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Important Messages!


Please do not send juice or flavored milk in your child's lunch or recess. We encourage healthy eating. We have attached a flyer on healthy lunch box options below.

Label all Items

Please make sure you have your child's name on all their belongings

We have quiet a lot of items in the lost and found basket so please have a look to see if anything belongs to you

Remember to Pack

Please remember to pack a hat and a spare set of clothes for your child in case a change of clothes is needed



Arriving & Leaving

Please remember to sign in and out and let the teacher know you have arrived and are leaving - just a quick hi and bye is great!

Donations Welcome!

If you would like to help out and contribute to our wonderful Preschool we are now welcoming any donations big or small in the way of toilet paper, tissues, glue sticks, paper, pencils, paint or any art and craft supplies.
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School Holidays

2 weeks school holidays are just around the corner here are some fun events in our local community that you might like to get involved with and check out over the break

Preschool Photos

From Monday 10 August through to Friday 14 August Barry our photographer will be at the Preschool taking class and individual student photos.

We will have order forms available for families to order what packages they want prior to this week. There are a number of packages at reasonable prices along with sibling photos available.

Jesmond Community Preschool Turns 50


Did you know that our preschool is 50 next year!!!!

So we are starting to organise a big birthday party.

We are searching for photos that you may have from your time at preschool! It can be of the teachers, children, the play ground or anything you may have. Maybe you know some history about the preschool or have a letter or card someome gave you. We would love to hear your stories and see your photos.

If you would love to share anything please send them through to us via FB or to our email address at or feel free to drop them in.

Please help by sharing this post, as you never know who might have something!

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