Andrea Yates

sharda cunningham

Biographical Information

  • Born July 2,1964, Houston Texas
  • Parents were Andrew Kennedy and Jutta Kohler
  • One brother Brian Kennedy
  • Yates Kids were, Paul, Mary, john, Luke and Noah
  • Yates graduated form Milby High School
  • In 1986 she attended university of Houston
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Significant Event

  • President George W. Bush
  • Vice President dick Cheney
  • Cost of bread was $0.98, cost of milk $2.85, cost of a car $21,012, cost of House $210,000

Victim Infomation

  • Mary the baby girl was 6 months she was born November 30th 2000
  • Noah Yates was the oldest was 7 years old he was born February 26th 1994
  • john Yates was born December 15 1995
  • Luke Yates was born February 15th 1995
  • Paul Yates was born September 13th 1997
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Detail Of Crime

Andrea Yates Drowned her 3 youngest boys first.She laid them on the bed and put a cover over them.Her child Mary was still in the tub floating.Her first born Noah, came in and asked whats wrong with Mary? He turned and ran. Andrea caught him while he was screaming then she dragged and forced him in the tub with Mary.He came up twice for air but she held him down until he was dead. She brought Mary in the room with the 3 youngest brothers and laid her in the arms of her brothers. at 9:48 that Wednesday morning she dialed 911 and Dorene Stubblefield answered the phone, this was the conversation Andrea and the dispatcher.

direct quote from the book

"Are you there alone?"

"Yes, Yates said suddenly there was more static, then another long silence. Stubblefield wondered if she'd lost her. The sound of panicked breathing returned"

"Andrea Yates?"


"Is your husband there?"

"No.I'm sick"

"How are you sick?" Stubblefield asked. Yates answer was unintelligible.

"Andrea Yates is your husband there?"


"Why do you need a police ma'am?"

"I just need him to be here"

"For what?"

"I just need him to come."

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The First Trail

  • February 18 2002 Her trail begins.
  • March 2002 Yates witness park dietz says that she she got the idea to drown her kids from an episode of "Law and order". Come to find out there was no such episode aired on TV
  • She was only tries for Noah, John and Mary.She was not charged for Paul and Luke.
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  • She was sentenced life in prison
  • October 2003 she refused to eat her food so they put her on suicide watch
  • April 2004 her attorney filed an appeal
  • July 2004 she was hospitalized after not eating
  • Her husband rusty field a divorce on July 30, 2004
  • march 17 the divorce is completed
  • January 9 2006 she pleads not guilty by reason of insanity
  • the state district judge approves a 2000,000 bond under one condition that she commits to rusk state hospital
  • February 2 2006 she is released from jail and sent to Rusk Hospital

Still living?

Andrea Yates is still alive she is 51 years old

The Second Trial

  • June 26 2006 her retrial begins
  • July 26 2006 she is found not guilty by reason of insanity
  • May 2012 her petition is to attend church every week outside of the hospital is denied
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