Directed by: Gabriela Cowperthwaite


In the film Blackfish, whales are taken out of the wild and they are transported to Sea World where they are kept in captivity and are trained to perform shows. This documentary shows and mentions the things behind the reality of what happens to the whales that are kept in captivity, for example how it affects them negatively in their physical, mental and emotional health throughout time.


The purpose of this film was to show that having whales live in captivity can affect them in a negative way that can sometimes cause a tragic accident. People don’t care about the whale’s happiness or what’s best for them they only care about them having babies to keep the show going, which is why them being locked up for many years makes them be unhealthy. Some whales that would have babies would get their babies taken away and they would be moved to a different place, the mom’s would cry a lot for them. This is an example of how it would affect them emotionally as well as being captured and taken to captivity. It shows that what Sea World does isn’t right and their workers see and feel that it isn’t okay. The workers who capture the whales said they feel guilty because they know it isn’t right but they do it because that’s their job, they said that they feel like they are kidnapping a kid and taking it away from its home, family and friends.

Achieving the Purpose

The film achieved it's purpose because it shows the process of how the whales are captured and put into captivity, seeing it actually makes you feel sad. Seeing animals at the zoo may not make you think much about it in the moment, you may think it's pretty cool to see these animals but once you see the process of how they got there it makes you feel bad and makes you think that they don't deserve being there, how they deserve being in the wild and that's exactly what the film made me think.


My feelings after watching this film was sad because it isn’t right at all to remove animals who belong in the wild, they have their own right to live with their families and be able to be free like we are. Animals have feelings just like we do, we wouldn’t want to be kept in prison for no reason so why keep the animals in captivity as well for no reason, the only people that it benefits is the company owner because of the money. The whales get tired and fed up over time for being locked up in the same place for years when they are so used to living in the wild, being able to swim miles and miles away or travel wherever they want. Them being fed up can cause a dangerous accident for the trainers because they can bite them or do other things that can put the trainer in risk for their life. It’s also sad to see that they bring other whales from different cultures and how some of them die for the fact that they get into fights, because they don’t know each other or don’t get along, therefore some wounds can cause them to not be able to survive. Animals are like people they deserve to have freedom, to have their own families, and their own life people should not take that away from them because the wild is their home.

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