Welcome to Hoke County, NC

A peaceful and interesting county.

Fun Facts

Hoke County is in the coastal plain region of North Carolina. The neighboring counties are Cumberland County, to the east, Moore County, to the north, Robeson County, to the south, and Scotland County, to the southwest. The county is named after Robert F. Hoke, a confederate general during the civil war. It was founded in 1911.
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Government system and seat of Hoke

The seat of Hoke is in Reaford. There are five members to the seat. They are R. Conoly, J. Jordan, M. Neil King, W. Willis, and S. Willburn. The mayor is John K. McNeil. His job consists of making ordinances, hiring county manager, and levy taxes. Hoke County is part of the Lumber River Council of Governments. Their county manager is Tim M. Johnson.(Below)

Fun in Hoke

National Landmarks

There are to national land marks in Hoke. One is the Long Street Church House. It was built in 1850 and added to the National Register in 1974. Another is the Battle of Monroe's Crossroads. It is also known as the Battle of Fayetteville.

Tourist Attractions

A interesting place in Hoke is the Reaford-Hoke Museum. The Museum houses many historical artifacts, photographs and genealogies of Raeford and Hoke County. Another fun place to visit is the Puppy Creek Plantation. It's a two story building that was built in the 1800's.
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