Say no to school uniforms

grace b.

did you know ...

57% of schools wear school uniforms

pros and cons of school uniforms

  • kids cant express their personalities
  • most kids wont get bullied beacuse of what they wear
  • many kids just wear what they have as long as its in dress code
  • kids don't have to worry about what they wear

down sides to school uniforms

  • uniforms cost money and the school does not provide them
  • kids should have the right to wear what they like and look good in
  • teacher and parents want their kids too look appropriate kids can express their personalities in an appropriate way


  • wearing what you like can inspire other people
  • being able to wear appropriate clothes that you like is a good way to express your personality
  • being confident in what your wearing is a great way to focus on school

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Say No to School Uniforms

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saying no to school uniforms is a great way to express your personality