Klienfelter Syndrome

Keep reading if you do or if you think you have it!

What is it?

To have Klienfelter Syndrome, you must have the chromosomes XXY as your sex chromosomes. The normal count is XX or XY. So why do you have XXY? A process called nondisjunction is what gives you the extra x-chromosome:

When the sister chromatids or homologous chromosomes fail to separate during anaphase, you are given an extra chromosome.

What to do if you think you have it

If you think you have this, go to a doctor. To be diagnosed, you will have to go through hormone testing from blood or urine samples, or chromosome analysis through blood.

Not life threatening!


If you do have this, don’t worry! This extra chromosome resulting in XXY is not life-threatening yet it can impact lifestyle. You may have low to no sperm and infertility, you may experience smaller-sized genitalia, flaccid muscles, delay in speaking, slow motor development, low energy, traits of shyness or you may possess an introverted personality, have weak muscles, etc.


There are treatments, however! You can get testosterone replacement therapy, speech and physical therapy, sperm injection, and breast tissue removal.

Is this hereditary?

No! This is not hereditary! Klienfelter syndrome occurs randomly and it cannot be inherited.