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Andrew Jackson's Inauguration

A common saying for New Years is "that you have to start out the year, how you want it to be or end" which is why some people make a resolution, so they have something to stick to. So if we were comparing Jackson's inauguration to the first day of new years,he would've wanted his presidency to be awful. His inauguration (picture below) was all over the place. Although, i do give him props for not being afraid to invite all of his friends and family. Not many people had an inauguration as "fun" as his. Andrew Jackson's inauguration was a party, everyone was having fun, until it got too far. As you can see in the picture below the situation would be very difficult to control for anyone. But if you cant control you're own inauguration, what makes you think you can control a country.
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Jackson and the 2nd National Bank

It is of common knowledge that Democratic-Republicans do not like Federal Banks. Well I think that its safe to say that Jackson hated them. And yes, it might have to do with the fact that at this certain time the director of the National Bank, Nicholas Biddle was a huge supporter of Henry Clay. (Who was Jackson's Secretary of state and had a good chance at being president based on past statistics.) So it would be safe for us to say that he felt at least a little bit threatened. So he hatched up an idea to instead of talk out how he felt the national bank was not needed, he decided to go to court to make sure that he had his way. And when the court did not rule on his side, he transported the money from the bank and out it in other state banks! But he is on the $20 bill so...

The Trail of Tears and The Indian Removal Act

The trail of tears was one of the terrible acts to come out of shaping American history. It was absolutely horrible, and Jackson did not care at all. So the issue at hand was that the Indians were in the Georgia area, and Georgia wanted to make them abide by their rules. But according to the supreme court, the Indians were in their own tribe with their own territory so they did not have to leave. Now with the supreme court setting the law and sending it to Jackson to enforce it, they thought everything was ok. It turns out that Jackson did not enforce it at all and ended up having the Indians moved from their tribe to go to some strange reservation. With a supposedly "comfortable' form of transportation but we all know that was a load of mess. Over half of these people didn't even have shoes and around 25% of them died!
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Age of Jackson: Crash Course US History #14

Jackson overusing his veto power and holding himself at a very high stature

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