Showcasing Classroom Technology


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Kahoot It

Every Friday, the children bring in their own devices and I get on to the public quizzes of Kahoot It and search up math concepts, science and social studies topics. The children team up and come up with their own "cool" team name and love the competition aspect of the game. They are also impressed with themselves when they know the answers. Kahoot It is a great way to review concepts taught in class!

Discovery Education and Board Builders

Discovery Education was a great place for kids to go to do independent research on a topic of their choice or to do a culminating research presentation of what they've learned. In January, we read from our core literature book Mr. Popper's Penguins and studied facts about penguins. The children got on discovery education and other websites to research a penguin of their choice and then made a discovery board to share their findings. As a class, we also searched up many wonderful videos to help enhance our learning of space and holidays.
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Google Docs and Power Point

The children in my class are so fascinated to learn about different themes we study in science and social studies. This year the kids got on Google slides, PowerPoint and google docs to showcase their learning in Kumeyaay, math tasks, and typing up published writing.

Typing Web

Each child in class had an account with Typing Web. The website is excellent in the fact it keeps track of the progress of the children and gives them rewards for finishing levels. At the third grade level, it is super important that children can type using home row so that they can function in all aspects of professional and social life.