Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Rio's flavor full foods

Foods are made with a variety of spices and have intense flavors. The national dish of Brazil is Feijoada. A traditional slave dish that is made with black beans, various pieces of pig (foot, ear, tail), onions, garlic, olive oil and pepper. Rice is eaten regularly in Brazil and fried rice balls are popular. Brazil is the lead producer of cocoa beans. They have a tasty peanut snack called fried toast.

Culture/History/Art of the amazing Rio De Janeiro


Rio has an African culture because of the slaves.

the people of Rio Love Samba and African music.

Once ruled by Portugal the city was divided in three groups: industrial, poor and the Wealthy.

the fantastic rio activities

you can hang glide over the beaches and national Park you might go diving in the waters of this certain island it's fun to pedal along trails and see the forest and it's very cheap if you're lucky you can catch the massive parade called Carnival

language of Rio De Janeiro

the official language is Portuguese

Is a slight African language because of the slaves. if you plan on traveling there you do not need to learn African. the Indian language include Tupi Aralk Caribg GeThe reason they have a slight at African language is because the slaves that used to be you put to work in Brazil

the nice weathers of Rio De Janeiro

The weather is great for crops summer weather is wet and hot the winter is cold and dry droughts are major problem in Brazil not just the northern part also in the Southern but all in all the climate is tropical year round great for swimming in the nice beaches of Rio de Janaro

the beautiful landmarks of Rio De Janeiro


Sugarloaf Mountain is a great viewpoint. Christ the Redeemer is a seventh wonder of the world it's also large statue of Jesus on a Hill. the only way to get on sugar loaf mountain is by a cable car witch is a nice way to travel to the mountain.

map of rio

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