Agriculture Inspectors

By: Jini Chouhan

What this career is about

It is about inspecting farms, setting standards and making sure everything is going with the law etc.

This farm on the right is a farm that can be inspected as it has crops, fruits and vegetables and flowers.

What do you do in this Job

We have to process equipment and facilities, inspecting agriculture issues, We also have to make sure if everything in related to the agriculture is according to the laws and regulations . If the fruits and vegetables in the farms are healthy enough to be exported to the cities. Set standards for the production of meat or poultry products or for food ingredients, additives, or compounds used to prepare package of products. Label and seal graded products and issue official grading certificates. Take emergency actions as if needed shut down production facilities due to safety.

Know that the transportation and handling procedures is meeting the requirements.

This farm on the right, is a example of a farm from where fruits and vegetables are sent to the city.

Wages or Income

Annually or yearly it is $43,090


The education for this job isn't much. You at least need a High School Diploma.