2nd Hand News

October 6-10

This week we had a fun and educational visit by the Midway Fire Company to learn about fire safety and to be able to recognize that a firefighter's gear isn't scary. We worked more on place value to the hundreds place and started addition with regrouping. Our spelling words focused on soft C vs. hard C, and it's so nice to see the children developing their writing as they progress from their sloppy copy to final draft. The assembly this week was about bullying and we enjoyed the message of the band Reverse Order. Our budding arborists used their leaf identification knowledge from kindergarten to identify and find leaves quickly. Ask your child which tree can grow 3 different leaves on the same tree!

Pumpkin Patch Popularity: Please return the permission slip, $5 for your child's pumpkin, and the chaperone slip if you are interested in joining the field trip. We have a great interest in chaperoning, so I will let you know ASAP which 2 parents have been picked out of a hat. Don't despair if you are not chosen--the good news is we have our Halloween party just a few days later, and another field trip to the Lenape Village at Churchville Nature Center in November.

5k Oct 18

Book Fair Set Up Oct 22

Conferences Oct 23-24

Picture Retake Day Oct 28

Halloween Party Oct 31

Halloween costumes may not have masks that cover the face.

Enjoy the long weekend!

With a smile,

Mrs. Nyce