The Vocabulary-Rich Classroom:

Promote Word Consciousness and Vocabulary Growth

Presented by Kylee Burns

Block C: Section B

September 10, 2015

Importance of Vocabulary

-develop reading skills

-reading comprehension

-reading performance

-school achievement

Knowing Words

-oral vocabulary (verbal/communication)

-print vocabulary (reading and writing)

-receptive (listen and read)

-productive (used during speech or writing)

-encountering text and decoding words

Selecting Words

-basic words (ex: house)

-comprehension and frequently used by "mature language users" (ex: courage)

-low frequency words (words that show up in text that have never been seen)

Younger Children


-circle time

-relationship between words

-meaning of words

-example: weather-sunny - warm or cool? what do we wear?

-discussing basic terms and developing a meaning

-introducing new words by using prior knowledge

-example: weather man - meteorologist

-modeling and meaningful practice

Older Children

-fourth grade

-classroom community


-describe other students

-Hi Annie! You are always nice!

-creating a more original way of describing students

-expanding vocabulary

-teacher modeling


-Annie was affable.


-associating word with their classmate

-meaning of the word


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Overall I thought this idea is great for any grade. Throughout this article is mentioned ways in which you could teach students new vocabulary through casual settings (circle time/greeting/weather/etc.) Vocabulary is so important for students to learn. Teachers need to know the difference between teaching children vocabulary and the teacher teaching the students the actual meaning of the vocabulary. There needs to be connections and relationships. The students need to use those words in multiple setting. The teacher needs to help the student build a better understanding of their specific vocabulary presented in the classroom.
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What are some strategies that you know of that teachers can use to implement to create an environment with rich vocabulary?

How will you pick the vocabulary in which you will cover in the classroom?

How can you build connections between words when creating a bigger vocabulary?