April News

Congratulations on an AMAZING, record breaking month!

April month end numbers

I am SO proud of you ladies! You ended April with a record breaking $29,351.75!! You flew past March's numbers by almost $10,000! Congratulations to each of you on a successful month! The top 5 PV earners on our team this month are:

Amanda Lawson $5,793.03

Hope O'Dell $4,327.19

Candace Simerly $3,932.20

Breigh Burns $3,683.64

Tamara Underwood $2,861.35

Remember, if earned $4,000+ PV, you will receive an email from Kristine Stevens (or direct-to-corporate leader) with a restaurant e-gift card! This is something that Kristine does on a monthly basis for all of her downline who have $4,000 PV or more in one month.

Team Building

I encourage each of you to reach out and start building teams of your own. This will maximize your profits and help your business grow! I challenge you to go through your facebook friends! Reach out to friends and family from high school or college and ask them if they currently have an Origami Owl designer. Tell them about your business and ask them if they'd be willing to help you by letting you send them a few catalogs and business cards to share with their friends. You never know when this might land you an order, a Jewelry Bar, or even a new recruit! Don't limit yourself to people in your town - branch out to those who live in other areas too! Remember, Origami Owl is still a new, growing business. You may reach someone who has never heard of Origami Owl, or someone who has no designers in her area yet!

As some of you are finding out, you get gifts from me when you promote! And I am super excited about the Team Leader gift! While I send out promotion gifts to my front line only, (it would get a little overwhelming for me to keep up with the entire team) I am happy to talk with any of you on my front line and help you design a promotion recognition program that works well for you and your team!

I know several of you have DIWs on the wait list and I am so excited for you! I know the wait can be difficult, but know that it truly is the best thing for us right now. I am confident that once the nest gets caught back up on shipping and the back order list goes down, that we will start to see invitations being sent out again.

National Convention - AnnuOWL Event in Phoenix, AZ

Whoooo is planning to attend the National Convention in Phoenix in July? I will be there along with Amanda Coltrane and Kristy Blankenship! We are planning to learn a lot and have a blast! Let me know if you are planning to attend!

Please feel free to contact me with questions or concerns!

Tiffany Harper