Canada 2060

What will Canada look like in 2060?

Canada's Future

Canada in 2060 seems frightening. So many changes can happen in 45 years. Completely different birth rate and death rate. huge changes in demography, more immigrants coming from different countries and first nation community changes. The challenges Canada will face will be completely different, some new and some old.

Immigration in Canada 2060

Right now we have roughly about 6,775,800 immigrants in Canada. That's about 20 - 21% of the population. About 250,000 people come to Canada every year as immigrants, 2/3 of the immigrants come as economic immigrants. The 1/3 of immigrants come as refugees or are family class immigrants (immigrants with families already in country). Economic immigrants are very important to Canada's economy because it's sole purpose is to benefit the economy so it's basically a win-win.

Immigration Canada 2060, what would it look like. The best guess is that we would need more economic immigrants to come in Canada. Since there was a big baby bloom around 1960, a lot of people that was born during that time are either retired or dead. This means a lot of gaps in Canada's economy and lots of job openings. To fill in these gaps, we would need more economic immigrants to come into Canada. This means that the immigration rate and the number of immigrants we will allow into Canada will increase mildly.
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Demography in Canada 2060

Canada right now is at stage 4 on the demography stage chart. This means that the birth rate is low, the death rate is low and the natural increase is stable or on a slow increase. This is due to family planning, good health, an improving status of women, more later marriages and a reliable food supply. We share this stage with America, Europe and a bit of South America. This is a reliable, safe and stable stage to be in, but will it change in Canada 2060?
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My best guess in Canada 2060 is that we will be at the middle of later stage 5. This means a very low birthrate, a low death rate and a slow increase in the natural increase rate. We will share the same reasons with stage 4 still being good family planning, good health care, improving status of women, later marriages and a good reliable food supply. Our population will increase due to the number of economic immigrants coming to Canada. This won't last long though, soon our death rate will increase and the population of Canada will decrease slightly.

First Nation in Canada 2060

There is a crisis in Canada and its huge. The misunderstanding of First Nations is just plain stupid, Canadians are stereotyping the First Nations calling them brown, Indians, dance weird, weird head dressings, doesn't pay tax, and many more. But that's the least of problems. Back when European settlers came to Canada things went a bit nice until the Europeans got greedy and ruthless. In 1876 the Engliah promised the First Nations peace, land and fair treatment but that was not what they got. Instead they were sent to reform schools and were assimilated to British standards. In reform school, they got beat and raped. Till this day they haven't reached what they were promised.
My prediction for First Nations in Canada 2060 is that the problem will fix. The First Nation conflict is easy to solve so I have no idea why it hasn't been fixed yet. By Canada 2060 the First Nations will have what they were promised fulfilled. The Canadian government can cont ok the media with positive stuff about First Nations and people like Wab Kinew can promote First Nations freedom.
Demographics of Canada's Future Workforce
In this video, Susan McDaniel explains how there will be many gaps in the near future and one of the ways to fill in these gaps is to hire high standard economic immigrants. But the problem is that companies and profit organizations don't recognize the immigrants that come in and ends up having to work in a Taxi or a restaurant. This is one of the obstacles in Canada 2060 we have to solve.


This is my conclusion for my predictions for Canada 2060. In 45 years, there will be Jurassic changes in demography, first nations and immigration. There will be many changes in Canada 2060, but what's to fear?