I want a dog

please just sit through my presentation

I want a Carin Terrier

Carin Terriers have been popular all over the world. A famous Terrier is Toto from the movie "Wizard of Oz". Money shouldn't be a problem because their breed is small(10-25 lbs.), so they eat about 1-2 1/4 cup/s per meal.

Human Work

People turn down dogs by how much the hassle it is, but not for the Carin Terrier. Terriers are house dogs so they need to get a walk, or exercise, about once or twice a week, and since they're not outside very often, they need baths about once every couple weeks(or until they stink), and with dental treats these days, brushing their teeth will be as easy as ever.

Human Benefits

A reason people get dogs is for their benefits, and since the Carin Terrier is small and cheap, they can be very beneficial, but not only that, they're known as one of the calmest dogs in the world, so they're safe around Dillon. Also they're nature's pest control. They've been known to kill roaches and sometimes EAT THEM, they can also kill rats due to their immune system in their body. And since their small, I can take him/her on vacation. (I will pay for the dog)

Any questions

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