Leah's Personality

This is a little about my personality

My personality type

A few things that describe my personality would be; caring, honest, respectful, curious, outgoing, loud, artistic, happy, funny, musical, and helpful.

Myers Briggs personality test

The Myers Briggs personality test gave me some results that were surprisingly accurate. They said things like i am curious and outgoing. The test also said that I get stressed easily which is true. The only thing that the test got wrong is that it said I am friendly and popular. I would say that I am friendly but I am not very popular.

Some visual representations of my personality traits

I am sure I will make you laugh at some point

Some more of my personality traits

Some other aspects of my personality are; I like to laugh, I like to sing, I like to act, I like to dance, and I like to take photos.

My name is Leah Jackson

I am 14 years old, I have brown hair and eyes, i am short, and petite.