Are you safe online?

how to stay safe online

to stay safe online you must.,....

never give out your personal details e.g, Age, Where you live, Phone numbers and your address! if you gave away your age some one might pretend to be your age and you could be talking to someone younger even worse someone older! .... also never give out where you live because people might come to your house and you wont know who they are!

BE CAREFUL who you are talking to online because you may not be talking to the person you think you are talking too!

When you give out details be careful to not give out too much information!

what might happen?

You MUST only add people you know on the internet because you never know who you are talking to. You never know someone could say they were the same age as you and you end up getting close to them telling all your secrets to them and they end up being twice the age of you!

some children made to have been victims!