Final Email of the Year!

Zoo Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is our final excursion of the year. We will be heading off to the zoo in the morning. Classes will be going on RTD in shifts. If you are planning to meet us OR chaperoning please ensure you bring $6, we have just enough in our budget for kids. Any questions, email either Third Grade Teacher.


On Wednesday we will be wrapping up a few projects, cleaning the classroom, working on a little project for YOU and watching a movie.

Thursday :-( :-(

On Thursday we will be doing a few end of year games that will allow kids to think of all their learning, adventures and friends. We will read a few end of year books (that will make us cry probably), and in the afternoon we will have a potluck and watch a slideshow with all the pictures from our year. We would love to have you join us for that part of the day. Please plan to join us at 1:45 until the end of the day.