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Our first newsletter!


This is the first edition of our student written newsletter! The kids did such a good job updating you on our first month together. We hope that you enjoy it!

If you haven’t checked out Blackboard, please do so:

Tonight, students will be sent home with information on how to logon to the Seesaw app as well as Front Row Ed. Seesaw allows students to save all of their digital work onto a shared app. Front Row Ed is a math site that students use almost daily in the classroom. It differentiates and allows students to earn points based on their math work.

As always, thanks for sharing your child with me. Please let me know if you have any further comments or questions.


Caitlin Feighny

Being New at QR: Hello, my name is Samantha Miller and I’m new to Quail Run this year. Last year I was at Sunset Hill. I have friends here and I like the computers we get to use in Ms. Feighy’s class. All of the new students to Quail met with Mrs. Heatwole to talk and play with our new friends. We have about 16 new students in 4th grade. I also like the playground here. By: Samantha

FFFFriday: We went for a walk on the nature trail near our school. It was a lot of fun! There was butterflies & bees on the path. There were streams, bridges & even a snake! We did it for Fun Fitness Friday. By: Evan H. & Mason

Positive Action: The first time we got introduced to Quail Slips we did not know what they were. If you get your Quail Slip pulled out, you would get a picture taken with goofy stuff on at the library. Also, if we are good Miss Feighny gives us tallies & when we 30 tallies we get to have a celebration. By: Evan H. & Mason

English Language Arts (ELA): In the book Because of Winn Dixie there’s a girl named India Opal who’s mom left her, and she finds a dog at a market and names him Winn Dixie. He is an amazing dog, at Opal’s dad’s church he saw a mouse and caught it without killing it and gave it to Opal’s dad The Preacher. She got a job at a pet store and met a man named Otis. She also met a girl named Sweetie Pie Thomas, and Gloria Dump, and Mrs. Franny Block the librarian. Opal had a party and lost Winn Dixie and found him in the house.

By: Ruth and Zoe

Blackboard: This letter is about Bb (Blackboard). Blackboard is a website were you can play math games. Also, it let’s teachers put stuff in it like math, science, writing, social studies and ELA. And if you want to learn to draw a puppy, you can! Also you can learn to tie your shoe and make a bracelet. Sincerely, Braydon and Isaac

Reading Program: Reading Street is a fun website where we can read and do assignments that Ms. Feighny assigns us. Reading Street is fun because sometimes Ms. Feighny assigns us fun activities or games that go with our vocabulary words so we have fun while learning. The assignments usually include reading and watching a video and then writing in a journal to answer a question! By: Maddy and Peter

iTime: iTime is when we research things that we are interested in. iTime is where you get to research anything. It helps us learn lots of new things. You can present your iTime projects in three different forms Prezis, posters or Adobe Voice. You can find more information on iTime on Blackboard. Thank you for your time parents. By: Matthew, Shanley, and Noah

Meetings: Morning and afternoon meetings: These meetings happen to inform the class stuff. In the morning meetings usually there’s a would you rather question that you say your answer to. But before we say our answers we greet our classmates in a fun way. In the afternoon meeting we usually say anything that we want to say about what’s going on and Miss Feighny says what the rest of the day is going to look like and our StuCo members talk to the class. By: Thomas

P.M. Meeting is after lunch. It’s the meeting in the afternoon and during P.M. Meeting (or afternoon meeting) you can announce things like: I'm giving away free pictures or I’m making a play and I need actors and actresses or I’m making a mail company and I need employees or when the next newspaper will come out. You can also share anything that seems somewhat import like football helmets, toy cars, pictures, etc. Ms. Feighny also shares what we’ll be doing for the rest of the day. By: Jameson

Prezi Info: Prezi is a thing where you can tell people what you like to do and you can make your friends want to learn and be happy. You can edit your own presentation and make more slides. You can make a huge Prezi and there is no limit of how many you can do. You can also add pictures from the world and YouTube videos. You can use to share information about to help present your iTime projects. By: Aidan And Jakeb

Getting to Know You: Hello parents we are talking about FRIENDSHIP. The first day of school we all met lots of new friends. Our new class is so nice. We like everybody in our class. We are so happy that every class we are in we can make new friends. Our teacher is very nice, why, because she let us have snacks and read and have lots of fun. If you don’t have your best friend in your class then make new friends. From: Myra and Adeline

Adobe Voice Presentations: Adobe Voice is a voice recording that you say information into. It records your information and you can replay the information to see if you like it or if you need to edit it. We play this information for the class to present the information like science, animals, and history. By: Coby

Writing: In fourth grade we get to write a lot. One day we were assigned to write about a moment in our life. A couple weeks later we got to go outside and brainstorm some of the small moments in our lives. Our requirement was 10 or more moments. The next day we chose one small moment and wrote a realistic fiction story about that small moment. We can write stories during iTime and we also can do it in silent reading and writing time. We do lots of writing in our fourth grade class. By: Amara and Hunter

Math: In class we as the students are required to do math. Sometimes we can do it in a fun way, like math card games and computer games when we have permission or when we do math rotations. This unit we focused on place value, rounding, word problems, adding and subtracting. By Connor and Evan S.

Continents: We had a couple of minutes to look in our Social Studies books before we made our maps. Miss Feighny split us up into 6 groups. Then we had to make the map of the world by memory and we had to tear the paper to make the map and continents. Afterwards, we shared our maps with the class. By: Jayne & Hayden

Snacks: We decided as a class to be allowed to have a snack because it helps us stay focused when we are hungry. By: Maya

Newspapers: During iTime, some class member made newspapers. The newspapers that we made are really fun, and we got to put comics and stories in our newspapers. Also the newspapers we presented to the whole class! When we presented them the class got to come over and read it. We like that we get to write what we want in our newspapers and the people in our class will see our ideas. By: Peter, Maya and Amara

StuCo: Student council is really fun. We talk to different classrooms that we are assigned to. We also have meetings on Fridays at 3:00 P.M. We need to do 5 hours of community service. We get to inform other classes about upcoming swim nights and other activities. Lastly we get to say the morning announcements on the intercom! By: Peter and CiCi