Put the Guns Down

Join us in using your voice for " our children's future"

6:15 pm Garfield park, Lake/homan wear red t-shirts, make some posters, make the kids come and let's march, but we gotta stay on the side walks.

Put the Guns Down

Wednesday, July 30th, 6:15pm

Garfield Park, Lake and HomanChicago, IL

For more information, visit the event page on Facebook.

All are invited to walk in support for a better tomorrow. There has been to many senseless deaths and injuries of kids. Children should be able to have a healthy opportunity to play outdoors as past generations. We look forward to your support!

Put the guns down march!!!

We ask that you come out in support.

Colors: Red

Please bring posters and balloons (red in color)

We will walk in unity to fight for a better tomorrow for our children.