The Verona Times

March 3, 2015 vol. 23 issue 2202

Vocab to know:

against: for; in preparation for

alack: alas (an exclamation of sorrow)

an, and: if

anon: soon

aye: yes

but: only; except

e'en: even

e'er: ever

haply: perhaps

happy: fortunate

hence: away; from here

hie: hurry

hither: here

marry: indeed

whence: where

wilt: i will

withal: in addition; notwithstanding

would: wish

Brawl in the Town Square:

Verona, Italy – Today in the Town Square a brawl broke out. It all started when Sampson bit his thumb towards Abram. Sampson drew out his sword, starting the fight. Only a few minutes later the whole town square was fighting. The fight ended when the Prince road on and said, “If ever you disturb our streets again, your lives shall pay the forfeit of the peace.”

The Capults Party:

Verona, Italy- on Sunday, the Capults threw a party to show Juliet off to eligible young men. All towns’ people, except the Montagues, were aloud at the party. Although he wasn't allowed at the party Romeo, of the Montague family went to the party. While at the party Tybalt spots Romeo and tries to start a fight, but he doesn't because of what the Capulets said.

Character map:


  • Tybalt-hot headed cousin
  • Lord Capulet-father
  • Lady Capulet-mother
  • Nurse-takes care of Juliet
  • Juliet- young girl in love with Romeo
  • Gregory- servant
  • Sampson- servant
  • Peter- servant

  • Benovolio
  • Lord Montague- father
  • Lady Montague- mother
  • Romeo- young boy in love with Juliet
  • Mercutio
  • Abram

  • prince
  • paris
  • friar

Another Fight In Town Square:

Verona, Italy- This Afternoon Tybalt seeked to talk to Romeo. While talking to Romeo, Tybalt challenged Romeo to a fight but Romeo refused. Mercucio drew out his sword, and Mercucio and Tybalt started fighting. While they were fighting Mercucio is stabbed by Tybalt. Romeo then takes Mercucio to the Montagues. Tybalt follows Romeo and Mercucio and starts the fight again. Romeo then killed Tybalt, because of that the Prince exiled Romeo.

Drama Between The Families:

Verona, Italy- There is drama in the Capulet family. It's a few peoples faults for the chaos surrounding Romeo and Juliet. It's Juliet's fault because she agreed to marry Romeo. It's also the nurses fault because she is the one that went and got Romeo for the wedding. It's mostly the friar's fault tho, because he was the one that married Romeo and Juliet. If he hadn't married Romeo and Juliet then they wouldn't have as big of a problem. It's also Romeo's fault because he was the one that killed Tybalt.

Juliet's Actions:

Juliet's parents have decided after what happened in the town square that Juliet will marry Paris. She will marry Paris so the Capulet family will be good with the Prince again, because Paris is related to the Prince. Also the wedding will be on Thursday at St. Peters church.

Juliet's first "death":

After Juliet found out about Romeo she made a plan with the Friar. The friar told Juliet that she will drink the potion he gives her, the day before the wedding with Paris. Juliet drinks the potion early and people think she is dead. she was a funeral and is taken to the catacombs.

What Happens in The Catacombs:

Juliet had drank the potion early, so she had been sent to the Capulets catacombs, because they thought she was dead. When Romeo found out about Juliet he went to the catacombs to see her. While we was in the catacombs, him and Paris got into a fight and Romeo killed Paris. When Juliet woke up and saw Romeo dead, she tried drinking the poison Romeo had drank, but there was none left. Juliet then took a sword and killed herself.


Mercucio Montague: age 22, from Verona, Italy, passed this afternoon during a brawl in town square. He is survived by his parents, Bart and Elizabeth Montague. Funeral services will be Friday at St. Francis church. Friends and Family may call upon the family in the Montague garden between 1pm and 8pm on Thursday.

Tybalt Capulet, age 21, from Verona, Italy, passed away during a brawl in the town square. His funeral will be at St. Louis Church on Thursday.

Juliet Capulet, from Verona, Italy, age 14, was put in the catacombs after towns people thought she was dead. She had woken up and moved. Romeo Montague was there with stab makers on him and Juliet had a knife in her chest. Julie's funeral will be on Friday at St. Louis church after Tybalt's funeral.

Romeo Montague, age 20, from Verona, Italy, was found dead with stab marks, lying nest to Juliet Capulet. Juliet had a knife in her chest. No one is sure quite how Romeo died. His funeral will be on Friday after Mercucio's Funeral. You can call upon the family in the Montague garden from 1pm to 8pm.


The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, is a tragedy between two teenagers. who meet at a party and sneak around because their families don't like each other and get married less then 24 hours later. There are many brawls in the town square. All of the chaos around Romeo and Juliet cause both of them to kill themselves.