The Invisible Man

By: H.G Wells

Lexile: 950


The Invisible Man is about Griffin, a scientist who is obsessed with the possibilities of being invisible that he would do anything to succeed, even steal from his own father who killed himself. After succeeding to become invisible, he finds its not as wonderful as he thought and now has to find a cure. In the mean time he has to hide behind wraps and live among people who would rather see him dead.



Although this book is considered one of H.G Wells's best works of science fiction, I found it to be kind of hard to understand and follow. I guess I would recommend this book for people who are into science fiction and for those with very broad and open minded imaginations.


Griffin- The Invisible Man

Mrs. Hall- Innkeeper

Teddy Henfrey- Clock Maker

Dr. Kemp- Doctor

Mr. Marvel- Griffin tries to use him as help

Best Quotes

"I'm an invisible man. It's no foolishness, and no magic. I really am an invisible man. And I want your help. I don't want to hurt you, but if you behave like a frantic rustic, I must. Don't you remember me, Kemp? Griffin, of University College?" (PG. 88)

"Look here," said Mr. Marvel. "I'm too flabbergasted. Don't knock me about any more. And leave me go. I must get steady a bit. And you've pretty near broken my toe. It's all so unreasonable. Empty downs, empty sky. Nothing visible for miles except the bosom of Nature. And then comes a voice. A voice out of heaven! And stones! And a fist! Lord!" (PG. 52)

"No hand--just an empty sleeve. Lord! I thought, that's a deformity! Got a cork arm, I suppose, and has taken it off. Then, I thought, there's something odd in that. What devil keeps that sleeve up and open, if there nothing in it? There is nothing in it, I tell you. Nothing down it, right down the joint. I could see right down it to the elbow, and there was a glimmer of light shining through a tear of the cloth. 'Good God!' I said. Then he stopped. Stared at me with those blue goggles of his, and then at his sleeve." (PG. 26)

By Jacob Graves