The Great Gilly Hopkins!

By:Sierra Kollath, and Kennedy Fehd (Katherine Paterson)

The Great Gilly Hopkins

A book about a foster child who wants to go to her real mom. Her name is GIlly. She is that kind of girl that has two sides to herself. Some are very interesting! The genre of this book is Fiction or Children's Literature! I would recommend people dealing with a divorce or wondering what being in a foster home is like sort of people. We really enjoyed it!


I would have to rate this 4.5 Out of 5 stars! It was good except the excitement can never stay in one place or is even there. I would have changed that, and I would have changed the way Gilly acted a lot of different ways. Otherwise this book is one of my favorites now!


I would give this book a 3.5 out of 5 stars! It was OKAY but not the best. It really wasn't my type but better for younger kids.I would have changed the ending. It is sad and depressing. At some times of this book I felt like Gilly. Other times like other characters.


This book has earned some awards! They include 2 different awards. hey were given in 1979 They include.....

  • National Book Award For Children's Books
  • John Newbery Medal


Mr. Randolph is the Protagonist. He is always happy and never does anything wrong. Nobody is perfect but this guy is pretty close. Some of his traits are happy, funny, poetic, smart, weird.


Even though she's the main character of the book... I would say that Gilly is our antagonist! She is very bossy, and acts like she's always incharge! She wants to see someone, and she's sneaky about it! She is calling people names! She just has her own way of expressing her feelings! She just wants to be with her mother!


"The Great Gilly Hopkins" is a young adult novel by Katherine Paterson, which revolves around the experiences of eleven year-old Galadriel "Gilly" Hopkins, a foster child. The novel touchingly depicts Gilly's difficult times, and the difficulties she causes, in the attempt to get her real mother to take care of her once more. Themes of love, family, and Christianity, among others, are dealt with as Gilly struggles to understand what family means.


Quote 1- Sierra

"Life ain't supposed to be nothing, 'cept maybe tough." Mr.Randolph says that when he is talking about the poems with Gilly! This part really touches my heart. Mr Randolph has a way with connecting with the world. Your probably thinking why. Read to find out! This is on page 147 of the book!

Quote 2- Kennedy

"Don't go." W.E said

"I have to" she said through her teeth. Opening the door and slamming it behind her.


This is the part when Gilly relizes this is hard choice. She doesn't want to leave but she wants to. Its sad she wants to leave.

Sierra's Top 3 Book Scenes

Now for the scenes that changed the book a lot! These scenes are the ones that made me think about who that person is, and how they act!

1. The first scene I am going to talk about is where Gilly meets Trotter, and Trotter comes straight forward on the first day of meeting Gilly, and says that she better not make fun of W.E.!If you want to find out his real name... read the book!

2. The second scene shows so much loveform Gilly to W.E. . Gilly was flying paper airplanes with W.E. .It was so cute! W.E.'s way with reacting about life is adorable. He has such a way of getting involved in the world. He just wants to express his feelings.

3. The third scene is where Mr.Randolph recites a poem with GIlly. Gilly was suprised that he remembered that! She just changed a little that point, and out. The poem is a very good yet long one though. Gilly just reacts so well with the poem! She really changed!That changed my point of view about her from the beginning, and trust me it's not good!

Kennedy's Top 3 Book Scenes

1. My first scene is when Gilly is at school . She gets into a fight with boys on her first day. This girl is tough. I choose it to show how strong Gilly was.

2. My second scene is when she steals money from Mr.Randolph. Can't say any more or I would spoile it. I feel like Gilly at this part.

3.The third scene I picked is when Gilly writes a letter back home. This really touched my heart. I felt bad.

Sierra's Summary!

The book has quite an effect on the way you look at someonem in the book. It is VERY wishy washy with feelings. It can never be happy or sad for one page! It has a very good way of explaining Gilly's life. It shows how she reacts, and all of her feelings! She just wants to see her mother! She has a very tough life trying to fit in, and just wants to be tricky or mysterious. That happens when she meets a "friend" at school. Her friend is one of the people that are quiet except when they are around people who did something cool! They started talikng about GIlly beating up the boys! The "friend" has something to talk about so she's not afraid to. The ending is my least favorite part. It is very sad, and depressing. What she gets on Christmas is nothing that you would want. It was the worst thing ever! EVER!!!!!! If you want to find out what it is read it!

Kennedy's Summary

The book is mostly for younger kids like I said earlier but the book really makes you be proud of your life. To be happy that you have parents and that they love you. Yes they yell at you but they do that for your own protection. They went through simliar things. Trust me they know what they are doing . The book also makes you have a soft place in your heart for Gilly.

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