Cold Hands, Warm Heart

By: Jill Wolfson


The two main characters in this book are Dani, who was born with her heart on the wrong side of her body and has had problems and health complications her whole life. Then there's Amanda, she is a gymnast who has always been in perfect health. The setting of this story mainly takes place in the hospital when the interesting parts come into play. There is always a conflict in every story, in this particular one you might say it's multiple things like, Dani's rare heart condition or the tragic thing that happens to Amanda to save Dani's life. In this book these two girls have no idea eachother are much less that one will save the other one's life. The most exciting and sad part of this book is the transplant, Dani's life was saved as another family was torn apart. Also, at the very end of the book Amanda's family has a unveiling ceremony for the 1 year anniversary of her death and invites Dani and her family. This part of the book shows the two families as one almost, all conected by a heart.In my opinion this book was very heart touching, it shows that the decsions you make can effect someones life in a matter of seconds wether it's being taken or being saved. I loved this book.