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Here's what's going on this week!

Dance I: All That Jazz

After a week of Ballet it's time to let loose with Jazz dance! This week we will focus on:

  • The history of Jazz dance and its prominent leaders.
  • How to warm up your body to prepare for movement.
  • Basic Jazz dance technique: Jazz square, pivot turn, kick ball change, 3 step turn, grapevine.
  • Incorporating technique to create a phrase of movement.
How to Do a Jazz Square Dance Move | Hip-Hop Workout
How to Do the Ball Change Cross | Jazz Dance
How to Pivot Turn | Jazz Dance

Dance II-III: Ballet Basics

This week we will focus on Ballet Technique.

  • Body Alignment Principals
  • Barre Basic: Plie, Tendu, Dégagé, Releve, Ronde de Jambe, Grand Battement
  • Raising the Barre: Basics plus Passé, Soutenu
  • Putting it together: Centre Work

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