Theagenes of Thasos

By: Maddy, Conner, And Frankie

Sports That Theagenes Was In

The types of sports that he was in were boxing, pankratiast, and he was a runner

# of competitions and olympics he was in

During his life he was in 2 olympics and had won 1300-1400 fights

Age That He Started

When Theagenes first entered the olympics he was 9 years old which is amazing.

The many feats he accomplished

Victor in boxing in the 75th olympiad (480 B.C.). Also he was a victor in pankration in 76th olympiad (476 B.C.)

Theagenes was remembered after death

In the city of Thasos after Theagenes death the people in the village had built a bronze statue of him in remembrance of how many fights he had won. But the people who had never beat him, every night they came to the statue and beat it until one night a guy came and beat up the statue but the statue broke and fell on the guy killing him.

Additional Stats

how many people he knocked out: 2102 men

he beat all time great and future three time champion Euthymos.

how many he killed: 1800 men

Pythian Games 3 boxing

Isthmian Games 9 boxing, 1 pankration

Nemean Games 9 boxing

Undefeated at boxing for 22 years

Won 1300 titles

He was the son of Timosthenes

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