Forms of energy

By:Michael Brooks

Kinetic energy

Kinetic energy is the energy of movement

1. Running

2. Sliding down a water slide

Gravitational potential energy

  1. Gravitational potential energy is energy an object possesses because of its position in a gravitational field. The most common use of gravitational potential energy is for an object near the surface of the Earth where the gravitationalacceleration can be assumed to be constant at about 9.8 m/s2.

Sound energy

Sound energy is a form of energy associated with the vibration or disturbance of matter.

Heat energy

Comes from sun,flames,chemical reactions and light

1. Fire

2. Sun

Nuclear energy

Energy released in a fusion

Chemical energy

Energy stored in substances

Electrical energy

Comes from power stations,solar cells,batteries and electrical energy comes from that

Elastic potential energy

Stored in a stretched or squashed spring

Light energy

Comes from sun,light globes and without light the world would be very dark
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