Freehold Giants

Eastern Regionals 2015

What is Regionals?

Regionals is a cheerleading competition specifically for Pop Warner Cheer and Dance. Every November, Pop Warner Cheer and Dance hold 4 competitions in the 8 regions. These 4 competitions include dance and cheer squads performing their 2 minute 30 second long routine, in Jr. Pee Wee, Pee Wee, Jr. Midget and Midget age groups. In large, medium or small teams, levels 1-4. The top two teams from each age group, size and level, advance to the Pop Warner Cheer and Dance National Championship in Orlando, Florida!

Regionals 2015

My cheer team is the Freehold Giants. We are level 1 Jr. Midget small, with only 8 girls! Going into this competition, which is determining the rest of your season, no one expected us to win. My mom told my friend Kara and I the night before, “Don’t get upset, you guys will probably not win.” Thanks for the encouragement! My team has placed last at all the other competitions we competed at, first always being our rival, Howell Lions.

The Outcome

After about an hour of being in line to perform, they called us into the tunnel. The tunnel is a place to kind of calm down and do one last pep talk, just with your team, No coaches. The 8 of us huddled and starting speaking. Saying that we know we are capable of winning and that no matter what happens we are all still a team. Finally, they called us to the floor. Now, when I compete, most of it is a blur. I’m so into the moment I can’t just remember it. But the one thing I do remember is seeing our coaches screaming. We hit a flawless routine.

The wait for awards was scary. But they finally got to our age group. “In second place, Freehold Giants!” We went nuts. We were screaming and hugging and crying.