Long Vowels and Sneaky -e

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Monday 2:45-5:30

Thursday 2:45-4:00

Lesson Objectives

  • review letters and sounds, particularly long vowels
  • practice blending sounds to make words


30 minutes


5 min

Click here to listen!

Hi, there! Welcome to your first ever e-learning day!

Click to listen--Long Vowels

We'll work on long vowels, those that say their names. Our focus will be on words with a sneaky e, although you also know that a vowel may say its name when two vowels go walking or when it is paired with a certain letter.


5 min

Super "e"!!!!!!!!! hip children's song by Mark D Pencil. Video by Harry Kindergarten
Do you know the other job of the sneaky e? Listen for it in the video below!
Silent e Song - Preschool Prep Company


10 minutes

Starfall: ABC Phonics Cartoon: The Amazing Silent "E"
< FIND THESE Silent e Word Strips and Silent "e" Changes Recording Sheet


10 minutes

Listen--Bossy e Page

Add an e to make the vowels say their names (long sounds). Write the new word with the long sound, then draw a picture of the word with its long sound.

< FIND THIS Bossy e Page


Listen about Extensions

These extensions are optional, but they will help you practice the skills we've been working on. After you finish checking out the games, please be sure to find the link to FIRST GRADE READING, where you will find your next lesson.

Picture Match Sorting Game

This game will give you practice sorting words by their short vowel sounds. You will need a computer or a device with Flash for this game.


This site has lots of stories and games to strengthen your skills blending words, especially words with short vowels. You will need a computer or other device with Flash, unless you have an app for the Starfall game you want to play.

Smarty Ants

When you log in to Smarty Ants, you will go directly to the level you were working on the last time you were on. If you don't have the Smarty Ants or Smarty Ants 2 app, please get the free app, so you can practice this summer!

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